Who can use Ypart?

Through using Ypart, youth organistions, educational institutions and local authorities have the possibility to engage young people actively in decision-making processes. In order to set up a new participation project contact us at info@liqd.net! We will be glad to help you further.

Youth associations

Whether you are member of a scout troop, a union youth group, or youth charity organisation: Ypart offers numerous possibilities to render your association's workflows more participatory. For example: the collective writing of charters and strategy papers, participatory budget planning, and consultations on current issues.


Youth parliaments or councils

Use Ypart to inform the youth in your region on new and interesting project, invite them to jget involved, ask for their opinion, or directly engage them in your work. Invite them to work on projects, ideas, and position papers or consult them to acquire new ideas and inspiration for more effective results.


Youth clubs, centers, or initiatives

Would you like to try out online participation in your organisation, too? Ask your members to express their wishes or concerns, invite them to give their input on organized campaigns, programme planning, or for budget planning purposes. It means valuing their opinions and ideas and giving them control of their learning and environment.


Community, city, or state councils

With Ypart, you can present the newest municipal youth policies in an independent and non-partisan internet platform. Invite your local youth to share their opinion on the current municipal projects and ask them to bring in their ideas and wishes.


Youth welfare services or committees

Would you like to involve young people in online discussions on current topics of your commitee or organisation? Ypart enables you to easily set up online consultations, collaboratory development plans, campaigns, or programmes.


Schools and educational insititutions

Schools and educational institutions can use Ypart both as an informational or participatory platform. Set up a Ypartgroup for your school and let students have a say in their school life and involve them actively in school governance. For instance, let students make proposals for the designing the school yard or for the planning of the next project week.

Similarly, the platform is a handy tool for student councils who wish to collect suggestions for the council's topics of discussion, so that topics are more relevant and represent the interests of the students in their school.


Universities and technical colleges

Students' committees who would like to engage students in online discussion and decision making can use the platform to collectively create syllabi from both student and faculty. For this purpose we recommend another project of ours: adhocracy.de!